The Materials of the Bongs

As bongs have advanced over the years, the materials that make up the bongs or dab rigs have changed and advanced as well. While some materials have faded out of style over the years, there are still several materials that are very common. The two most common are acrylic and glass. Each material has its own benefits as well as some drawbacks.

Acrylic bongs are very common in today’s marketplace. This is for several reasons. These are mass produced which offers users a much lower cost when compared with other materials. The acrylic bongs are often very durable and are able to be used repeatedly with very little if any trouble. The fact that they are so durable makes them an excellent choice if you travel or move around a lot since they will not break as easily as some of the other materials.

Due to how the acrylic bongs are made, these types of bongs tend to look much more interesting to many people than some of the other materials that are also offered on the market. When it comes to keeping acrylic bongs clean after each use, it has been reported that they are much easier to keep clean over the long term. The one major disadvantage with using an acrylic bong when compared to some of the other materials is the quality of the smoke. The plastic may change the flavor of the smoke and this can easily be something that keeps people from choosing an acrylic bong.

Another material that is common and popular for today’s market is glass. Those who choose glass bongs are those who care about the quality of the construction. Glass bongs will often cost more due to the fact that they are hand made compared to mass produced. When they are being held, you can feel the higher quality due to the fact that it is a hand made piece. They are often the bong of choice due to the quality and smoothness of the smoke. The quality of the smoke is due to the fact that the glass is less likely to hold onto impurities that could compromise the taste of the smoke.

Bongs come available in many different materials. The acrylic and the glass bongs are two of the most common and the most popular types of bongs that currently exist. Each of the two types of bongs have their benefits and their disadvantages. It simply comes down to personal taste and what you are wanting out of the finished product. Either way, you are not likely to be disappointed with what you end up with.