Bongs as Art

While glass bongs do serve a practical purpose, many people are starting to see a secondary purpose to them. Beyond the practical uses of bongs, they can also serve as a wonderful testament to the art of glass blowing. Many people are going out of their way to purchase these glass bongs that are easy to classify as works of art.
There are many basic glass bongs. They are designed to simply serve their purpose. But many glass blowers are working extra hard to design glass bongs that have gone past being a simple practical device and are giving their work personalities that are attracting the attention of many people.

Glass blowers have made an art out of the design of the bongs. Each individual bong has been specially designed to work to their best of their ability while looking amazing. Some bongs have straight lines with with very little angles while others are more smooth and their angles turn into gentle curves.

The physical shape of the bong is not the only artistic aspect of them. The color of the bongs is taking on a whole new level as well. There are still those bongs that are either clear or monochromatic. But an increasing number of the bongs are instituting multiple colors within each individual bong. Some of the colors are simply a gentle mixing of colors that give a very pleasing overall effect to look at it.

For the bongs that go beyond something practical, the designs are modeled after a large number of things. The final design can resemble modern items such as guns and microscopes or fantastic creatures such as dragons. These creative and unique designs are intended to serve several purposes. These creations are meant to stand on display and catch everyone’s attention as the artistic masterpieces that they are. But they are also meant to highlight the skills and genius of the glass blower that produces these designs.

As glass blowers become more accustomed to creating these highly decorative glass bongs, what they will produce in the future will put what they have created to shame. These fanciful glass bongs will catch the attention of those people who thrive on collecting art and will eventually be an artistic category all of their own.

While glass bongs will continue to have a very practical purpose, they will also start to more prominently have a place within the artistic world. These artistic pieces can offer both functionality while looking amazing and often being one of a kind. These artistic bongs are so unique that they can very rarely be replicated by anyone but the glass blower who originally created them.