Glass blowing is a very respected trade.glass-blowing-supplies.s600x600 It takes a great deal of talent and skill to excel in this field, especially with bongs. And when looking at the history and how glass blowing began, it is very clear that this is a occupation that has been respected for many years and the results sought after by many people.

There is plenty of evidence that points to glass blowing (or glass molding as it was then) as having begun about 3000 B.C. in the areas of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Those glass molders from this area used the naturally occurring materials that were available to them such as molten sand. The resulting glass that was made was normally very small and was always extremely expensive. But those who were successful were highly sought after.

Glass molding eventually became glass blowing around 30 B.C. and this occurred in the area of Rome. Roman glass blowers used a long pipe to blow air into the glass when it was still warm.The Romans were very skilled at the art of glass blowing and some of the remaining examples are quite complex. The surviving glass blown vessels were often complex in several ways. These include the final shapes, the arrangement and even some of the decorative motifs that still exist upon them. This is the practice that has carried on until today.

Glass blowing has existed in America from its very beginning. When Jamestown was first settled, glass blowing was brought over and used within the colony to help make items that were needed. Current needs for glassblowing have changed dramatically from some of the first attempts. There are many who use glass blowing as a means of creating and producing unique and stunning pieces of art. Others use glass blowing in the creation of items such as bongs and glass pipes.

However you decide to look on glass blowing, it has a remarkable history. From the humble beginnings of glass molds several thousand years ago to the more artistic endeavors of today, there is no shortage of amazing glass vessels and pieces of arts to admire. This is a field that has been on lightly touched upon by the technological revolution so it has remained true to its humble beginnings. The fact that it still requires such skill to produce these unique and one of a kind vessels is a true testament to the skill and training that has been required over the many thousands of years that people have existed in this field.